Web Design Questionnaire

I know this may seem like homework, because it is. The more work you put into this, the more information I will have to understand your website needs. That way I can design and prepare content for your site that your target audience will find appealing.
  • You can deliver the website files via email or in person also.
  • Homework phase: The more time you put into this section of the questionnaire, the better able we are to assist you with your site. This phase is extremely important to the website project. Please find the 3 best websites on the web that describe each area listed below:

    • Same target group of customers as your business
    • Has the layout, colors, look, and feel you prefer
    • Has similar content and quality to what you wish to provide your customers
    • Has similar functions to what you want on your site
    • Offers similar services to what you want such as community, discussion groups, polls, faqs, etc.
    • Your personal favorite sites on the web, and what you like about them


You might find it easier to print this off

Download PDF

Tips to help you with this design questionnaire
  • Start with thinking about your mission statement. If you don’t have one, now would be a good time to develop one.
  • Try searching outside of your own area. Use a search term “Kansas City plumbers” to find more examples you like or do not like.
  • Your current customers are good examples of target audience, but so is an age group you might want to reach.
  • Gather all your current marketing media and email or upload it to me
  • Try to be as innovative in your dream website. I am capable of doing a lot, and what I don’t know I learn.

Please contact by phone

I work full time in the ecommerce world, and have been unresponsive via my freelance email

I apologize for any delays. 727.238.7832