Here is my plan for website building. It is the methodical planning that guides me from gathering information to maintaining your web site. Let my plan work for you!



The most important step is the first one, discovery. During the discovery step, I will gather as much information as I can to design and develop the most outstanding website possible. This is why it is imparitive you help me through the learning curves of your business. I have developed a generic web design questionnaire that asks many of the initial questions. The questionnaire might seem a little like homework, but this research makes a great website.

What I should know before moving to step 2

  • Mission
I should know your mission statement and your objectives. Knowing your purposes will help me be on the same page as your business.
  • Goals
Knowing your goals will set a bar for me to exceed.
  • Your Market
Finding out who your target audience can change your entire website. The content of your website should reflect the user.

Website plan


Here in the second step I take and use the information I found within my discovery. It is at this phase I will know what type of website you will need. Whether it be a static site, a site with a built in web application, or even an E-Commerce site.

More importantly it will help me create a sitemap. A sitemap is a list of the various pages and areas within the site. This is the foundation of a solid and easy to use UI, User Interface. It is your clients whom will be using your site, and we want to make it a fluid interface.

Knowing your short term and long term goals will help me future proof your website. You may not want to sell anything on your website, but maybe in a couple years you do. I will design the site in such a way it won’t be difficult to upgrade. It is reasons like this that makes it in your best interest to fill out my design questionnaire thoroughly.



Using the information I have obtained til now will guide me in the design process. It is here where we determine the look and feel of your new website. It is also here that I require a lot of feedback. Revisions at this stage is much easier handled than during the delivery stage. I send you a PDF or JPG image of what your site could be like. This rough draft will guide me in the next step of development.

I choose the color scheme at this phase, or work with the one provided by you. Colors have meaning and have been proven to provoke feelings in people. I don’t to make a survival supply company primary color pink, a color that would present them as weak. Along with colors are graphics that must be fitting to the overall design.



Here is where imagination and inspiration come together. Using the revised designs I will develop your site. This phase is usually the most lengthy one due to the technical nature of the job.

I usually start by creating the homepage, and a template for sub pages. This another key opportunity for revisions. After this revisions can cost many hours. Some revisions are easier done by starting over instead of altering current code. I finish this stage, when you are happy.

Website testing


A barrage of test needs to be done to ensure that your new website will work across multiple devices and browsers. I ensure that your site will work on Google Chrome, FireFox, Safari, and many other popular web browsers. Along with web browsers is smart phones and tablets.

All the added functionality will also be checked out to make sure any web applications work as they are suppose to. You don’t want you clients finding the bugs, do you?

Website delivery


Once you have given me appoval, it is time for me to upload the site to the proper web server.

Crack the bubbly WE ARE DONE! This is the stage where we make it go live to the public. This is a very rewarding time for both you and me. Even though there is reason to celebrate there still is work left to do. I must do another round of test to double check there is no broken links or bugs. It might also be time for me to perform online marketing for your business and it’s new website.



Once the website is live, you have options on how you can move forward. For some people, just having web presence backed by a search engine friendly website is enough. Others want to take a step forward by marketing their site online. Not only am I certified to do online marketing, but I understand off page SEO as well, which is another option to look at

Marketing isn’t the only maintenance need you might come across. Another will be updating your site. If you have chosen to use a CMS (Content Management System), you have the ability to update the site yourself. Even with a CMS you still can employ me to update it. If you have a static website, you will need me or coding skills to update it.

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