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I provide one-of-a-kind website designs that is crafted to deliver results. When other designers and developers run away from problems and revisions, I jump in head first. I’m not just a well rounded designer nor just a code happy geek. I am a team of people wrapped into one. This is why I can jump tall buildings in a single bound.

When deciding on who to do your website, it can be a confusing and stressful time. I try to relieve that stress by making sense of it all and never selling things you don’t need. It gets better after choosing me. I stay open 24/7 for my clients. Have an idea for your website at 2am in the morning, call me! When a purchase agreement has been made, I feel that I become a partner to your business. This partnership can come with long hours of revisions, late phone calls, and in person consultations. These are all worth it, when I have earned your lasting business relationship.

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I have learned from my mistakes in the 20 years of geeking out on the web. The past 5 years is when I became serious about my craft. I have also learned from others wrongdoings. One common complaint I get is that the past web designer didn’t complete the job. This experience has shown me that clients want keep me accountable for deadlines. This is why I have develop a plan of action for every website. It is within the 1st step to my 7 steps to a successful website plan.

Problem Solver

I have always loved to solve problems. Let my experience with troubleshooting problems help you avoid website issues down the road. I have seen my fair share of mistakes and know all the common ones. Whether it be a coding/tech error, marketing error, or design error, I am the guy with OCD that won’t stop til it’s fixed and working properly.

Creative Talent

I try for excellence in everything I do. I want to provide the most stunning web designs in Tampa Bay. Mom and pop stores deserve creative designs as do large level corporations. My goal is to provide a user friendly website that has an awesome factor of π(That’s math for unlimited)

Tampa Bay Pride

Clearwater is where I live, and I have the Tampa Bay pride to prove it. I want my business neighbors to have designs that are as great as the cities that surround me are. I will show your Tampa website project with the utmost respect and deliver more home runs than the Tampa Bay Rays.

Unlimited Web Design Options & Pricing

Not working for a firm allows a lot of flexibility. For instance, the prices that I publish aren’t concrete. Matter of fact just for saying “Clearwater Web Designer” I will knock off $10. See how it works. You tell me what you would like and I will provide you an itemized quote.

Digital Brochures AKA Static Websites

This outlined website package will get you online with a static website. “What is a static website?”, you ask. It is comprised of a single page or set of pages that contain code that only is read by the user’s browser and not the web server it stored upon. Typically a static site will be much faster at loading, at least as fast as the user’s computer. However, it doesn’t allow for engaging web applications nor a backend admin’s panel for content additions/edits. Once “live” on the internet you will be able to attract customers immediately, but unable to engage with them without a 3rd party site like Facebook. As stated before the major benefit is that it typically loads faster than a dynamic website. It also needs less time to develop and cheaper to host, when compared to a dynamic website.

This is a wise option for one who is just trying to get their feet wet in the online world. This package will require coding knowledge to update. Many people find they don’t have time to update websites themselves anyways. This is where I come in offering deep discounts to update the site I created.

Interactive AKA Dynamic Websites

My most favored package is one that can be dynamically changed based on parameters provided by the user or a server side program. What does this mean for you? It means that I will give you the tools and training necessary to keep your site up to date and engage with your audience directly. You would be able to update your site to reflect upcoming events, offers, and so much more. This is good for the client who has the time and basic computer skills. If you can run Microsoft Word, you will be able to handle a CMS(Content Management System).

CMSs allow for additional functionality in the future. Functionality such as a scheduling system, login system for a client portal, and so much more. I can design and develop on Joomla as well as WordPress. I prefer WordPress’s framework and will default to that unless otherwise requested.

Same Branding New look

I know how important branding is, and I understand how to work with your style. Your look might be a little stale now, but I still want your audience that already knows you to recognize you. So if your site is looking a little outdated, I will get you modernized without losing all your previous marketing efforts

You may not want to also add a web app to your current site. I can do this in most cases without jeopardizing the look of your website. I also can offer editing your current site to include additional content. No matter what your website needs are, I can accommodate them.

Ready to start? No matter what web design company you choose, it is a smart idea to come up with a plan. My questionnaire will help you do that.
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