Certified PPC Marketeer

Let my understanding of Pay Per Click (PPC) work for you. I will try to achieve the best results for the least amount possible. Tired of paying $15 per click? I can help lower your cost down while improving your quality score.

AdWords Qualified

$100 free after you spend $25

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AdCenter Certified

First $20 for free!

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Why Choose Me to Run your Online Marketing

  • Marketing firm strategies at low rates
    I learn from everyone’s successes and mistakes. Studying current marketing trends and large marketing firms have given me the skills to run successful campaigns at a lesser price
  • It is measurable
    Almost everything in the online world is measurable. Online marketing is no exception to this. You will be able to tell by the additional leads you will receive. On top of the phone not stopping, I provide a detailed report monthly or upon request.
  • Enjoy my winning passion
    I like the competitive nature of online marketing. Knowing that I am succeeding over other marketing firms enlightens me and my clients. Let my winning attitude work for you.
  • Marketing knowledge with design skills
    Not only do I know where to post online ads, but I have the creative skill to attract a reader’s attention.
  • Innovative ideas others don’t think of
    I provide traffic from various sources. Most companies will just think of Facebook and Twitter, but I have found other networks that attract real customers for less. Sites like Craigslist give me the ability to attract new customers.
  • Always looking for new avenues
    I am never content with the status quo. That is why I am always looking towards the next step. How can I bring you to the next level?
  • No contracts
    Unlike other firms, I do not put you on a contract. I have this much confidence in my work. Don’t get stuck in a legal dispute with your marketing firm, come to me with my handshake approach.

Please contact by phone

I work full time in the ecommerce world, and have been unresponsive via my freelance email

I apologize for any delays. 727.238.7832