Whether it is local online marketing in Tampa Bay, on the national level, or even on a global scale, I got you covered

Marketing Your Website

I create unique marketing strategies based upon the needs of your business and budget. Offering my services in the Tampa Bay area locally, has gotten me well versed in how the Tampa/St Pete audience behaves. I don’t just stop with marketing services in Florida, I have performed on the national stage as well.

My Offerings of Online Marketing Services

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Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Back when the phone book was our only search engine, people had to name their business beginning with an “A”. They did this to be the first listing, which led to more customer contacts. Being on top of the list now is much harder, but I can help you obtain first page listings. I do this with a mix of on page and off page SEO.

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Pay Per Click Advertising

Pay Per Click advertising allows your business website to show up in search engine results as well as on various websites. I am both certified by Google and Microsoft, and specialize in search results. Watch your business name show up on the keywords that your soon to be clients search for.

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Email Marketing

Whether you are DIY marketeer and need custom email templates or you want me to run your campaigns I got you covered. It is good to remind your subscribers about upcoming promotions to help strengthen your relationship with them.

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How it works


I sit down with you and carefully match your marketing needs with the options I have available to you. I will ask you questions such as “What is your online goals?”, “What is your budget?”, “Who is your target audience”, and many more.


At this time I create any graphics or video needed along with copy. After I have collected or created your content, I will launch your internet marketing plan as the agreed schedule states. I only do this after a NASA style countdown as I know your stats will skyrocket off.


After launching your online campaign, I measure your Return On Investment, or ROI. It is here that I can see what has been the most effective, what needs work, and what are duds. The beauty of the internet is that it allows accurate results, when compared to print marketing


Using the analytical data I can fine tune what needs work and discontinue the failures. I will constantly be tweaking your campaigns to make sure we are reaching our goals as partners.

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I work full time in the ecommerce world, and have been unresponsive via my freelance email

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